One of the most complete reference works ever assembled on the art of magic is now finally available!

For over two decades, Richard Robinson's Magic Show web site featured not just tricks for magicians of all skill levels but professional advice on all elements of magic performance and stagecraft.


Now, all of that wisdom has been collected together for the very first time in ROBINSON WIZARD'S MAGIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, an unprecedented multimedia reference work that is truly monumental in scope.


This amazing multimedia extravaganza contains:


  • More than 800 effects fully explained
  • Over 5000 high-resolution photographs
  • More than 100 instructional videos
  • Scores of print and perform PDF templates
  • Customizable templates for business cards, show posters, and more
  • MP3 audio files with show music and sound effects
  • Over 2500 articles on every aspect of the art of conjuring - stage, parlor, close-up, mentalism, and more


ROBINSON WIZARD'S MAGIC ENCYCLOPEDIA comes to you complete on a high-capacity flash drive ready to go. It runs in all popular web browsers on any PC or Macintosh computer.


Everything is fully indexed so finding the information you want or need is very simple and able to be located via either the built-in search engine or the comprehensive onscreen directory.


Watch the trailer below to get a better understanding and appreciation for the breadth and depth of this amazing reference tool and then place your order below.


ROBINSON WIZARD'S MAGIC ENCYCLOPEDIA is just $89.95 plus shipping. (For customers outside the US - please choose the correct shipping option.)


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